The Pipe to be connected slides snugly into the LiNX | AS fitting body

The outer press-rings are driven axially over the fitting body by the proprietary LiNX | AS Press-Tool

Inside the fitting body, the machined bite rings constrict around the pipe forming a gas-tight seal

The pipe is held fast in an all-metal permanent joint

LiNX | AS fittings form a joint that is stronger than the pipe



  • Make a Square Cut at the end of the pipe (±5°)
  • Clean & Prep the Pipe outer surface for a 360° seal
  • Confirm pipe dimensions


  • Insert the pipe into the Fitting body
  • Using the LiNX | AS Hydraulic tooling, advance the press-rings axially over the fitting body
  • Mark the pipe for Install and Inspection


  • Confirm the press-rings are driven fully home
  • Check the Inspection mark is visible


Pipe Sizes

Core Range: ½” – 2” NPS, 20-60mm metric sizes
Full Range: ¼” – 6” NPS, 6-170mm metric sizes

Pipe Schedules

Standard Fittings: Sch40 and Sch80
Special Order: Sch120/160/XXS
Thin Wall piping below Sch40 can be used with the Compatibility Insert

Fitting Materials

Standard – AISI 4140 and 316L
Specialist – 304 and 2205/2507

Working Pressure Table

Pipe Hardness


LiNX|AS fittings have Type Approval from Lloyds Register


LiNX|AS Fittings are Developed and Manufactured to a Quality Management System approved under the ISO 9001:2015 standard.